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Why use Kiwi to custom design your digital menuboard layouts when there are dozens of digital signage websites offering hundreds of pre-made templates? or HOW TO SPEND HUNDREDS OF HOURS AND SAVE $350 – LOL

GOOD QUESTION!!! For anyone who is skeptical I suggest pick any digital signage website and go through their free trial and create a user account. After setting up your "free" account you will need to pick a template that seems close to your menu - from hundreds of their templates . OK pick one! Now [...]

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Digital Menu Board Design Wow Factors: 4 visual must-haves that maximize sales

Kiwi Menu Boards really gets it. Your digital or magnetic menu board is the marquis of your business. Within it, it encapsulates your product, your passion, and your entrepreneurial energy. Here at Kiwi Menu Boards, we have the artistic and technical experience to transform your menu board into a stunning, personalized display. We understand that [...]

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Why Having a Well Designed Menu Board is Important

Whether you need a poster, magnetic, or digital menu board, the design of your display is of great importance, not only does a well designed menu board help to convey your brand, it also helps speed up the ordering process, and can directly influence your sales. The menu board is, without a doubt, one of the most [...]

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Top 7 Common Menu Board Design Mistakes

Whether you're designing a poster menu board, a magnetic menu board, or a digital menu board, it's important to make sure you find the right people to design your display. There are various nuances to consider when creating a well designed display and because of that, many things can go wrong if you don't hire an [...]

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