For anyone who is skeptical I suggest pick any digital signage website and go through their free trial and create a user account. After setting up your “free” account you will need to pick a template that seems close to your menu – from hundreds of their templates . OK pick one! Now comes the real fun – the ‘learning curve’ how to use the web-based digital signage software. Good luck! I have used many graphic design programs in my 30+ years as a graphic designer and this is where I usually quit. But if you have lots of free time, just push through it. This is where your graphic design skills show up (or don’t show up). All you need to do is to modify the template with your ACTUAL MENU ITEMS! Beware, this task may require lots of coffee to complete. Congratulations, you just saved $350 after 100’s of hours tweaking to add your menu items to the template.


See my next blog on EDITING YOUR LAYOUT.