Why use Kiwi to custom design your digital menuboard layouts when there are dozens of digital signage websites offering hundreds of pre-made templates? or HOW TO SPEND HUNDREDS OF HOURS AND SAVE $350 – LOL

GOOD QUESTION!!! For anyone who is skeptical I suggest pick any digital signage website and go through their free trial and create a user account. After setting up your "free" account you will need to pick a template that seems close to your menu - from hundreds of their templates . OK pick one! Now [...]

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Picture editing zoom/cropping tool

Use any pictures from your own picture library or pictures from other sources. Recently Kiwi has developed cutting edge technology for picture 'cropping'  - "contextual" picture editing. If the picture on the television layout looks "too small or too far away" for your customers to really see the best features of the item, you can [...]

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Remote management… Manage your KiwiEZ digital menu boards remotely

Remote access to the menu boards displaying on your televisions may be important for some users who may have their televisions in another part of town, another city, another state etc. We have a great solution for remotely changing your menu boards. You can have remote access to your televisions using the Amazon Fire TV [...]

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What does “custom designed menuboards” mean for you?

WE ARE UNIQUE IN THE DIGITAL MENUBOARDS WORLD. WHY? BECAUSE WE CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR DIGITAL MENUBOARDS FROM SCRATCH!   - NOT FROM TEMPLATES!!! What does that mean for you? It means you will get a one-of-a-kind, original menuboard that is also editable! We have also found that many of our customers have ideas or pictures of [...]

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Custom design process

DESIGN PROCESS (typically 1-2 weeks) Send us your menu. It does not need to have final pricing as we can update menu prices as we go. Send pictures of the space where the televisions will be mounted. Send any other pictures of your restaurant decor. Send any food photos you want us to use - or [...]

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How our USB system works

Below is a brief description of our digital menuboard system process.  HOW IT WORKS Our system utilizes your television's USB capability. You purchase and install your own SMART digital televisions - any size and quantity. Since our digital menu board system is a USB delivery system, you do not need internet or WiFi and NO monthly fees. We custom design a [...]

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Lost revenue

I was recently in a pizzeria and noticed they're using large printed wall menu boards. They might seem great but they could be silently costing thousands of dollars in lost revenues by delaying necessary price increases. In my experience, the process to change poster menu boards may be difficult, time consuming and fairly expensive to [...]

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USB many advantages over Cloud/Internet Signage – (NO MONTHLY FEES)

Kiwi digital menuboards, displayed from a USB flash drive, are significantly easier to use and less expensive than internet/cloud based digital menuboard signage. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat through no fault of their own in this difficult economy created by the pandemic. Many pizzeria’s, restaurants and deli’s have closed or operating on reduced hours [...]

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Use your own food and beverage photos.

Take (glamour) pictures of your own food and beverage items. Show your customers the uniqueness of your items - not stock food pictures from the internet. You don't your customers asking why their item doesn't look like the picture. "Contextual Zooming". Our software team recently integrated new breakthrough photo editing technology Now you can import almost [...]

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USB Flash Drive Menu Boards VS. Cloud Based Digital Signage Menu Boards

There are basically 2 technologies to consider when evaluating whether digital menu boards are right for your application: USB flash drive system VS Cloud based system Kiwi is a USB flash drive delivery system: No Media Player required / No internet / No Wifi required. (no down time caused by internet or WiFi failure). Plug [...]

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