Whether you’re designing a poster menu board, a magnetic menu board, or a digital menu board, it’s important to make sure you find the right people to design your display. There are various nuances to consider when creating a well designed display and because of that, many things can go wrong if you don’t hire an expert.

Here are the Top 7 Menu Board Mistakes commonly made when designing a new menu board;
  1. Not Enough Commitment From YOU
      Although we’re the menu board experts, you’re the expert of your own restaurant. To ensure you get the best possible design, you should be involved in the making of your display. A good menu board design company will know to ask you the right questions, and all you’ll have to do is answer. This will ensure that your high profit items won’t be lost in the mix, and the design will reflect your brand perfectly.
  2. Legibility
      There are plenty of design problems that can lead to poor readability, some of which include; font size, background color, font style, a crowded design, and too small a font type. Be sure to hire a good menu board design agency to ensure none of these legibility faux pas happen to you.
  3. Overemphasizing Prices
      Of course it’s necessary to include prices on your display, but if the prices are emphasized too much, there’s a high probability your customers will start discounting items based solely on price. It’s important to find the right balance when choosing the font size and location of your prices.
  4. Monotonous Design
      You don’t want your menu design to be bland, but you also want it to match the rest of your restaurants decor. There’s a happy medium between having your menu clash with your decor and having your design be too monotonous.
  5. Poor Use of Space
      The amount of space you have available for your display must be taken into account, but just because you have plenty of space doesn’t necessarily mean you should use it all. Additionally, if you don’t have a whole lot of space available for your menu board, it’s important you don’t make the design to crowded. A good design agency will help you discover the best way to display your items with the space you have available.
  6. Poor Salesmanship
        It’s important to emphasize your best sellers through placement, fonts, and graphics. Not making your best selling items ‘pop’ may influence what items you’re able to sell.
  7. Incongruent with the Rest of your Business Decor
      One of the most important aspects of menu board design, is the ability to show off your brand. A display that doesn’t match the rest of your business’ decor will at best be bland, and at worst clash with the feeling your trying to achieve in your location.

To ensure your menu board doesn’t have any of the mistakes listed above, be sure to hire the right menu board design agency.

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