Improve your food and beverage photos

Our software team recently integrated new breakthrough photo editing technology  "Contextual Zooming". Now you can import almost any photos from your picture library, the web or just random "glamour" food photos of your own and correct any width or height distortion.

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USB Flash Drive Menu Boards VS. Cloud Based Digital Signage Menu Boards

There are basically 2 technologies to consider when evaluating whether digital menu boards are right for your application: USB flash drive system VS Cloud based system Kiwi is a USB flash drive delivery system: No internet / No Wifi required. (no down time caused by internet or WiFi failure). Plug the USB flash drive into [...]

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Pizza Expo Las Vegas 2017

WOW! Pizza Expo Las Vegas 2017 What a show!! We are so inspired and grateful for all our new friends and clients we met at the International Pizza Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Thanks to all of you who came out to get to know us and learn more about our KiwiEZ Digital Menuboards! We [...]

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Kiwi designs menu boards with artistic excellence and simplicity.

At Kiwi EZ, we’re not afraid to brag a little about our brand. A lot of our pizzazz and appeal comes from the personalized touch of our intimate team of graphic designers. We have a dynamic bunch of innovative minds who carefully consider each client’s nuanced style. We don’t ever spew out generic, tired ideas. [...]

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KIWI’s Digital Menu Boards are in a category of their OWN. Progressive, Affordable and Oh so EZ.

We’re beginning to see them in our neighborhood grocery stores, coffee cafés, movie theaters and corner pizza joints: huge television screens boasting beautiful photos, bright enticing colors and attractive graphics. Wetting our appetite with colorful, yummy photos.  It’s becoming a revolution, a new direction in the way restaurants display their goods to increase sales and [...]

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