We’re beginning to see them in our neighborhood grocery stores, coffee cafés, movie theaters and corner pizza joints: huge television screens boasting beautiful photos, bright enticing colors and attractive graphics. Wetting our appetite with colorful, yummy photos.  It’s becoming a revolution, a new direction in the way restaurants display their goods to increase sales and ride the crest of this new age wave. Chalk boards and messy plastic track menus or tacky vinyl lettering applications are becoming ‘old school’ and most certainly fizzling out. Yes, that’s right, technology is constantly changing the way we do things, taking the reins in numerous areas of our lives, even the way we order food off menu boards.

Welcome to the age of the digital menu boards! Digital menu boards are becoming the most versatile, creative, and edgy menu board option on the market — the absolute future of the menu board industry, to be sure. But when it comes to your own business or restaurant and choosing your own special custom menu board, did you know that not all digital menu board companies are created equal?

You’re a restaurant/business owner, right, not a techno-geek!!!

Many display companies offer digital products, software packages, or systems for you to manage your menu board on and while at first glance, seem to be a brilliant product can turn out to be a complicated pain-in-the-neck. The facade can be misleading. Many display/menu board companies end up selling you a digital menu board product or ‘you-design-it’ software package that is more complicated, more maintenance and footwork for you, AND ends up being more expensive in precious time lost. As your time is money! As far as eye-catching and fresh looking, many display companies are lacking artistic & creative ability and their menu board display surely reflects that with a product that is lacking luster, style, flow and flair.

At Kiwi, our creative teams understands that you’re looking for a menu board that is low maintenance, handsome and easy to change while coming through as progressive at an affordable price. Kiwi does all the work, while being ever so simple for you.  Kiwi’s creative team offers up incredible design work, fits your items together for best readability, high-tech capabilities, detailed, friendly, fast turn around and here’s the most important part, there are NO monthly fees, NO contracts, NO subscriptions, NO software to purchase or use, and NO internet or wifi required. Kiwi’s blend of creativity, technology and experience in creating a menu board serves up supreme ease for you and quality that can’t be beat. No doubt about it!