Remote access to the menu boards displaying on your televisions may be important for some users who may have their televisions in another part of town, another city, another state etc. We have a great solution for remotely changing your menu boards. You can have remote access to your televisions using the Amazon Fire TV Stick – an inexpensive media player ($39).

You will need to have or create an Amazon Prime account online (it comes with unlimited photo storage). Login and go to “Photos” and create folders for each television. Upload your KiwiEZ menu board layouts to the folders you created. Purchase and connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick to each television. On each Fire TV Stick login to your photos account and choose the correct KiwiEZ menu board layout for that television. Your TV is now accessing and displaying the KiwiEZ menu layout from your Amazon Photos account. To change the layout displaying on the TV, simply login to your Photos account (from your computer) and upload the new KiwiEZ menu board image to the specific folder. Delete the previous image and your television will automatically update with the new KiwiEZ image.