At Kiwi EZ, we’re not afraid to brag a little about our brand. A lot of our pizzazz and appeal
comes from the personalized touch of our intimate team of graphic designers. We have a
dynamic bunch of innovative minds who carefully consider each client’s nuanced style. We don’t ever
spew out generic, tired ideas. We pride ourselves on creating an imaginative vision for your
brand. Over the years, we’ve produced menu boards for a myriad of global customers with a range of
different tastes. From Dubai to the Bahamas to Napa Valley, our customers choose us because
of the engaging and personalized relationship that we cultivate together. Many menu board
businesses only offer impersonal, canned transactions. They focus on quantity, and as a result,
disseminate a mediocre product and never bother to know their customers. And unlike many of
the other guys, we don’t outsource our production to distant foreign factories. We do it right in
our office in Minneapolis, MN.
Our specialty is to start from scratch. Whether it be a savvy digital layout. a bold banner or
poster at your delicatessen; or a personalized, changeable magnetic menu board for your urban
coffee shop, each layout is individually designed from an empty palette of colors, fonts and
graphics. Our designers then infuse it with your personal style. We work with you every step of
the way to make sure your product is exactly to your specifications. Your menu board is an
extension of your business. It is an extension of the quality of your product. It embodies your
philosophy. Let our fabulous design team help you make that a reality.